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ZeroOps platform for .NET apps

Build, deploy, run, and operate your .NET applications in production with zero operations.

  • Link your GitHub repositories
  • Automatic CI/CD setup
  • Manage secrets and configuration
  • Ephemeral and long-lived environments

The platform for .NET applications

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Production ready

Everything you need to run your applications in production: configuration and secret management, scaling, logs and alerting.



Simple, fast and secure CI/CD set up for your project. Bring your source code, we'll build and ship it.

Preview environments

Each PR gets own environment. Collaborate with your colleagues or simply test before merging.

Secret management

Secure secret management for your apps.


Darchie can execute jobs based on triggers such as HTTP, file upload or schedule.


Configure your app to automatically scale in case of sudden traffic. Scale them from 0 to ∞.

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