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The cognitive load of selecting a deployment platform

Choosing a deployment platform is more than just picking a hosting provider.

Toni Petrina

Oct 24, 2023

Before users can access your app, you need to deploy it first. That involves choosing hosting provider first. The choice seems to be between different cloud hosting providers, but it is more than that. After choosing a cloud, you have to learn how to deploy and use managed services from that particular vendor. Security, IAM, networking, and other cloud primitives are not portable between different cloud providers. All those decisions, learning, and commitment before serving your first user.

We believe that there is a better way for .NET developers.

Running your service in production should not be more complicated than running it locally. If you can run your service locally, you can run it on Darchie.

The .NET platform

.NET applications have traditionally been associated with Windows servers and enterprise, not with streamlined approach towards shipping. .NET 8 is a lightweight runtime with amazing framework built on top of it, amazing languages that come out of the box. So how do we share our apps with the world?

Darchie is the platform that given your code and configuration gives you back a URL. It's that simple.

f(code, configuration) = url

Take your code, add configuration, secrets and choose a domain. If you don't need it just yet, we'll give you one for testing. Oh and we will ensure it has HTTPs.

Modern experience for modern applications

Enjoy zero-config blazing fast and secure CI/CD setup. Your applications don't require any modifications in order to run on Darchie. If needed, extend the build config to support additional artifacts or steps.

Darchie comes with support for multiple environments. Have your production, staging, and dev environments side by side - with automatic or gated checks before promoting to production.

Darchie also has built-in support for ephemeral environments. Each PR gets its own temporary environment where you can test before shipping it to your users.

Built on open standards

Darchie is opinionated - it enables fast delivery cycle. But we are building on top of industry standard libraries. You can reuse your prior knowledge, and everything you learn while using Darchie, you can continue using on other platforms.

Pluggable components for job scheduling, message queues, and more are powered by Dapr primitives.

Underlying infrastructure is kept as code - with a single darchie.json control all additional constructs.

It's coming soon

In the upcoming weeks, we will share more information about the platform and how it works. Join our waitlist

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